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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard?

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How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard
How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Hoverboard?

Before we can hop on it and start riding around, we need charge up a hoverboard. so you may have some questions, “How long does it take to charge a hoverboard?”

How long it takes a hoverboard to charge varies from hoverboard to hoverboard. The biggest factors is the battery size.

Larger batteries, which offer a longer usage time, also take more time to charge.

smaller batteries, which offer a shorter usage time, it will take less time to charge.

Generally speaking, The majority of hoverboard models take between 2-4 hours to charge completely.

How To Safely Charge A Hoverboard Battery?

After we get one hoverboard, the first charge is very important, and you should charge it to 100%.

Charging a hoverboard battery is a fairly simple task.

First and foremost, always follow the instructions provided for charging your hoverboard.

First Step, Simply switch off your hoverboard by pressing the power button.

Second Step, make sure the charging port groove is aligned with the cable and the port pins are not damaged.

Third Step, Plug the charger into a power source and insert the other end into your hoverboard charging port.

Fourth Step, Wait for the light indicator to turn solid red (if present) which ensures that the product is being charged. Once fully charged the hoverboard is ready to be used.

Do I Need To Charge My Hoverboard Battery To 100% Every Time?

The answer is no, you don’t need to charge the hoverboard battery to 100% every time. but for the first charge, yes, this is important.

But after that, you can charge the hoverboard battery to any electricity percentage, 20%,50%, etc . All is okay and have no influence.

Still, it only makes sense to charge it to 100% so you can get the longest ride possible per charge.

Can You Leave A Hoverboard Battery Charging Overnight?

Generally speaking, the hoverboard battery itself has a protective plate.

When the battery is fully charged, the battery will automatically stop charging.

At the same time, the battery charger will also have its own overcharge protection function.

After the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically recognize and stop charging. This double protection effectively avoids safety problems.

What we need to pay attention to is that both the battery and the charger will age with time, and the charger that has been used for many years cannot recognize whether the battery is fully charged. That will also cause overcharge to cause thermal runaway.

For this reason, you should always try to unplug your hoverboard once it is fully charged, stay nearby when your hoverboard is charging, and don’t leave a hoverboard charging overnight.

Can I Charge My Hoverboard With Other Chargers?

If the original battery charger for the hoverboard has become lost or broken, you can souring a alternative charger to charge a battery.

But be sure to use a battery with the same parameters as the original charger, including voltage range, current, etc.

Please do not charge a hoverboard battery with a lead acid battery, this is dangerous and will cause damage to the battery, this article 《Can I use a lead acid battery charger on a lithium battery?》explain more details.

Do I Need To Charge My Hoverboard Battery Every Day?

There are always some articles tell that you need to charge your hoverboard every day. While this is no nessary, it is true that it’s good for the life of your hoverboard battery to charge it up once in a while after periods of non-use. But the time is not per day, you can full-charge your hoverboard battery per months.

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last?

So how long does a hoverboard battery last after being charged? Again, the results will have difference according to many factors. Including the battery capacity, battery age, speed it travels, and rider weight.

Generally, A fully charged hoverboard would provide a continuous ride time of 2 to 6 hours or about 8-15 miles after which the light indicators of the battery will start to flash and the hoverboard will slowly come to a halt.

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Hoverboard Battery?

As we all know, Proper maintenance of the battery, and compliance with the principles of battery use, which can greatly extend the life of the battery.

Improper use of the battery will also shorten the life of the battery.

Anyway, here are a few tips to keep in mind to enable your hoverboard battery last longer.

Charging Tips

  • Regularly Charging. Under normal circumstances, when the battery is too low, there will be a reminder when the hoverboard battery has no electricity. At this time, you need to replenish the battery in time. Although the battery is too low, it will not lead to a direct safety accident, but excessive use will lead to over time. Damage to the battery structure.

(For more details about the lithium battery charging, please check our artricle 《Lithium Battery Charging: The Definitive Guide》)

  • Do not overcharge. The inside of the lithium battery cell is also composed of many components. The new battery is fine. If it is used for a long time, the function of which component may decline, so there will be an overcharge safety risk. Generally, Overcharging your hoverboard battery cause damage to it in the long run.
  • Use a suitable charger. Do not charge batteries with inappropriate chargers.

Using Tips

Avoid Completely Draining the hoverboard Battery

Once the battery indicator on your hoverboard shows that the battery is getting low, proceed straightaway to charge it.

Allowing the battery to completely drain out has an adverse effect on the lifespan of the battery. It could hamper performance.

When the hoverboard battery is used up, please recharge the battery in time.

Maintenance Tips

The purpose of daily maintenance is to place the lithium battery in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the battery.

Here is two maintenance tips that we need comply with.

1. Protect against moisture.

2. And avoid direct sunlight.

Hoverboard Battery Maintenance Tips

Also you can check below article to get more ideas.

(How to extend the battery life?)

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