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Group 24 Battery Vs Group 27 Battery

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group 24 battery vs group 27 battery
group 24 battery vs group 27 battery

Group 24 Batteries and Group 27 Batteries two of the most common and popular size batteries we see in RVs, boats, backup power systems and medical systems. Includes boats, RVs and travel trailers, etc. However, what is the difference between group 24 battery vs group 27 Battery? This article will discuss some of these differences so you can make sure you’re using the right battery for your car or truck.

What is a Group 24 battery?

Group 24 batteries are standard model, which measures 10.5″L x 6.1875″W x 8.875″H. A specific size battery that we commonly see in vehicles, backup power systems, and medical systems. The Group 24 batteries are often used as deep cycle batteries, rather than starting the engine.

What is a Group 27 battery?

In general, the group 27 battery is a standard model also, which measure 12.5″L x 6.75″W x 9.37″H. A specific size battery that wildly used for automotive, marine, off-the-grid, RVs, and similar applications,backup power system etc. Which is larger than group 24 battery. In general, a group size with a higher number has more amp hours than lower values

Comparison between group 24 battery Vs group 27 battery


No matter if it is group 24 batteries or group 27 batteries, the most common BCI Group battery chemistries are and Sealed Lead Acid (SLA).

  • AGM Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries
  • Gel-cell batteries
  • Flooded batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries

Among them, the cheapest battery is the lead-acid battery, but the lithium battery has a long cycle life and has attracted a large number of users’ attention based on environmental protection and recyclability. If you want to buy a group size lithium battery, welcome to consult ELB team to get solutions.


Our experts compared the size of Group 24 batteries and Group 27 batteries. Group 24 batteries has standard group dimensions of 10.25 x 6.8125 x 8.875 inches or 260 x 173 x 225 mm, while Group 27 features 12.0625 x 6.8125 x 8.875 inches or 306 x 173 x 225 mm.

Well, they are identical in width (6.8125 inches or 173 mm) and height (8.875 inches or 225 mm). but the length are different.

According to this info, you can know the battery compartments intended for group 24 batteries usually can’t accept group 27 batteries. However, battery compartments intended for group 27 batteries may grant group 24 batteries.


Compared to the group 24 battery, the capacity of group 27 batteries are a bit higher. Generally, any group size consisting of a higher number comprises additional amp hours than lower values.


In general, you can know the application of group 24 battery as below,

  • Backup storage system
  • large UPS systems
  • Wheelchairs
  • medical and security systems
  • industrial applications

Beside of these, you can see its application as starting or cranking battery.

On the other hand, you can also get the group 27 battery in off grid, RVs, automotive, marine, and similar applications.

What to check before buying a group 24 battery Vs group 27 battery?

Different types of batteries are better suited for different application, and it’s necessary to choose the suitable battery for your needs. Knowing the group size when shopping for replacement batteries is important because the particular group will determine the battery’s dimensions, terminal locations, and capacity.

In addition, the group will also dictate which accessories, such as a battery inverter and charger. For example, a Group 24 true deep cycle battery is a common battery size for RVs. These batteries are often used with solar panels and wind turbines to provide power for their electronics.

Are Group 24 battery and Group 27 battery interchangeable?

Not all battery packs will fit your product. So the first thing you need to check is the size of the battery.

After find the perfect size and see if it fits your vehicle. In addition to accessories, you also need to make sure the battery can power your car. To do this, you need to know which ampere battery will provide the best performance. Group 27 battery is a lot bigger than group 24 cells. But it provides more power. If size is not an issue, they can be interchangeable.

Which is better? Group 24 battery Vs group 27 battery

Which battery is better? Of course, according to different application scenarios, the answer is different. But first you need to understand how batteries are categorized and how they perform to ensure that you are getting quality of service on your investment.

The output current of the group 27 battery is higher than that of the group 24 battery. So the group 27 battery is intended for heavy commercial and industrial equipment. They also provide more power and last longer due to their extra capacity. If you’re looking for a battery that lasts the longest while maintaining long-term performance for years to come, the group 27 battery might be the answer!

Most people are aware of the group 24 batteries because these are installed in most cars today. group 24 batteries are not suitable for high current applications. However, some models are rated for 500-840 amps CCA and 625-100 amps for MCA (Marine Cranking Amps), which allows them to be used as starting batteries for small gas or diesel engines. They can be used in small devices that don’t require much power output, such as motorcycles or snowmobiles.

Where I can souring group 24 battery vs group 27 battery?

If you are try to update update your batteries to lithium batteries, ELB will be a good choice! ELB has rich experience in battery production. Welcome to connect with ELB technical team to get the details about the prices and technical files.

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