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Which is more better for electric vehicles, lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries?

Electric scooter is one of the most commonly used means of transportation. In China, electric scooter is a means of transportation that develops “hand in hand” with automobile. Both of them have developed rapidly in recent 15 years. Which is better about EVs battery, lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries? What is the advantage and disadvantage between both?

Lithium battery on the motocycle

Advantages of lead-acid battery,

01 Cheap

As an electric vehicle practitioner, I can responsibly tell you that lead-acid batteries are inferior to lithium batteries in many aspects, and lithium batteries are the only choice in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, notebooks and electric vehicles, but electric vehicles are an exception. Although lead-acid batteries are inferior to lithium batteries in many aspects, However, its price advantage makes it a battery that cannot be completely replaced in electric vehicle products. At present, more than 70% of the electric vehicles sold are lead-acid batteries. Because the audience of electric vehicles is mainly low-income groups, low price is the advantage of electric vehicles, and the use of lead-acid batteries is more conducive to reducing the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles, To have such a high market share.

02 Safety

Although the price of lead-acid battery is only about one third of that of lithium battery, it is safer than lithium battery. The deflagration of electric vehicles we are familiar with are lithium batteries. Because the structures of lead-acid battery and lithium battery are different, there are no deflagration materials in lead-acid battery, while lithium battery is different. Therefore, higher safety is also one of the core advantages of lead-acid battery.

Disadvantages of lead-acid battery,

01 poor durability.

If the lead-acid battery is only cheap and safe, how can it give lithium battery a chance? Electric vehicles have been invented for a hundred years. The reason why they began to “stand out” in recent years is that the lead-acid battery has poor durability and poor endurance. It was not until the emergence of lithium batteries that the current situation of electric vehicles was changed. The current two wheeled electric vehicles, There are also models with batteries that can last seven or eight years and have a range of one or two hundred kilometers. They are all equipped with lithium batteries, which is unmatched by lead-acid batteries.

02 large volume and high weight.

With the implementation of the new national standard, we have invented more and more electric vehicles with lithium batteries. The main reason is that the new national standard has requirements for the weight of electric vehicles, which is limited to 55kg. If the lead-acid battery needs large capacity, at least 30kg, it accounts for one quarter of the weight, and the lead-acid battery is relatively large, A larger frame is needed to accommodate the battery, which is a “hard injury” for the application of lead-acid battery.


Advantages of lithium battery

As a rising star, lithium battery has a complementary relationship with lead-acid battery. The advantages of lithium battery are basically what lead-acid battery lacks. For example, in terms of portability, durability and endurance, lithium battery has great advantages. For batteries of the same size, lithium battery is three fifths lighter and two-thirds smaller than lead-acid battery. In terms of durability, Lithium batteries are generally about twice as long as lead-acid batteries. In terms of endurance, lithium batteries are very suitable for high endurance electric vehicles. At present, electric vehicles with a endurance of more than 80 kilometers are almost equipped with lithium batteries.

Disadvantages of lithium battery

If an electric vehicle chooses lithium battery, it should default that its budget is higher than that of lead-acid battery, because lithium carbonate, the raw material of lithium battery, is a scarce resource, and its cost will be higher than that of lead and sulfuric acid of lead-acid battery. For batteries of the same size, lithium battery will be about twice to three times more expensive than lead-acid battery.


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