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What Is 3C Battery?

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What Is 3C Battery?

3C mean the discharge rates of a lithium battery.which mean that a fully charged battery rated at 2Ah should provide 6A for one third hour.

The same battery discharging at 1C should provide 2A for one hours, and at 2C it delivers 4A for 30 minutes.

Some ELB cells offer up to 10C, which are always used for the the super current application, such as power tools etc.

What Is The Application Field Of 3C Battery?

Usually 3C batteries are used in electric bicycles, electric scooters and other vehicles.

How To Caculate The C Rate For Your Batteries?

A battery’s C rating is defined by the time of charge and discharge.

C-rate is an important information or data for any battery, if a rechargeable battery can be discharged at that C rating, a 2Ah battery will provide about 6A, then the battery has a discharge rate of 3C. If the battery can only provide a maximum discharge current of about 1A, then the discharge rate of the battery is 1A/2Ah=0.5C.

C-rate (C) = charge or discharge current in amperes (A) / rated capacity of the battery(Ah)

Therefore, calculating the C rating is important for any battery user and can be used to derive output current, power and energy by:

Cr = I/Er

Er = Rated energy stored in Ah

I = Charge/discharge current in A

Cr = C rate of the battery

t = Charge/discharge duration

Calculate charge and discharge time

t = Er / I

2Ah Lithium Battery C Rate Example

For same 2Ah lithium battery,

1C means 2Ah*1C=2A discharge current available.

1C means 2Ah/2A=1 hours discharge time Capable.

It means the battery can be use for 60minute (1h) with load current of 2A.

2C means 2Ah*2C=4A discharge current available.

2C means 2Ah/4A=0.5 hours discharge time Capable.

It means the battery can be use for 30minute (0.5h) with load current of 4A.

0.5C means 2Ah*0.5C=1A discharge current available.

0.5C means 2Ah/1A=2 hours discharge time Capable.

It means the battery can be use for 120minute (2h) with load current of 1A.

Sometimes analyzer capacity readings are given as a percentage of the nominal rating. For example, if a 2000mAh battery can supply this current for about 60 minutes, read 100%. However, if the battery lasts only half an hour before the cut-off point, the displayed value is 50%. Sometimes a brand new battery can provide more than 100% capacity. The battery can be discharged using an analyzer which allows you to set your favorite C rate. If the battery is discharged at a lower discharge rate it will show a higher reading and vice versa. However, you should be aware of differences in battery analyzer capacity readings for different C rates, which are related to the internal resistance of the battery.

Why We Can Not Use 1C Battery Instead Of 3C Battery?

As you can know from above calculation, when your application requires a 3C battery, the continuous current it can provide is 3 times the 1C current. This means that when you use a 1C battery, your application is likely to shut down due to insufficient current provided.

Make sure your cell grade is exactly the right one for your application.

Which Manufacturer Can Supply 3C Battery?

ELB manufactures, produce and sale high energy Lithium-Ion batteries of premium quality (Including 1C battery, 2C battery, 3Cbattery, 5C battery, 10C battery etc). Our cells and battery units have top performance ratings. We at ELB pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the best products and full service support at all stages. Our main products today focuses on all kinds of lithium batteries with further research and advancements being made by our team of engineers on other electric powered vehicle applications. For more information or if you have an inquiry, please email us at info@ecolithiumbattery.com.

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