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Fish Finder Battery: Everything You Need To Know

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Fish finder battery
Fish finder battery

Fish Finder Battery Fundamentals

What kinds of batteries that we can use for the Fish finder? And what is the spec of the fish finder battery? And what is the inner structure of the fish finder battery? This chapter will take you to learn more.

Battery Type

Lithium Battery

LiFePO4 batteries are popular in the market due to their extremely long cycle life and high safety. In addition, because the raw materials do not contain precious metal elements, the price is relatively cheap. The cycle life can reach 2000~4000 times.

Lead Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries have gone through decades of market research. However, it is also because the lead-acid technology has been developed to the end that its energy density is low and its lifespan is poor. Therefore, if lead-acid batteries are used, they may need to face the problem of multiple charging and short single mileage. But a very advantageous point is that the price of lead-acid batteries is lower than that of lithium batteries.

Recommend Fish Finder Lithium Batteries

Details: Clike here to view more lithium battery directly, or if you have any special requirement about the fish finder batteries, please contact with ElB team to get the customized solutions about the quotation and Spec.

Why Choice Lithium Batteries For My Fish Finder?

Light Weight(50% Weight)

Lithium-ion marine batteries are extremely lightweight; in fact, most weigh only 50% the mass of their lead-acid counterparts. These batteries are easy to get to and from your boat, and you can even use them in your kayak to power your trolling boat, in addition to your fish finder.


Lithium batteries are safe and reliable. To illustrate this fact, let’s compare them to lead-acid batteries, which should not discharge more than 50% of the battery’s capacity. Doing so will damage the battery, and after a few times like this, your battery will be completely dead.

However, when you use a lithium battery for your fishfinder, it can be discharged to 20% of its capacity without damage. Most Li-Ion batteries have a failsafe switch that registers the battery as dead once it reaches 20% capacity, so you don’t have to risk damaging it. So in a sense, you can drain it to 100% without worrying about it.

Fast Charging (1-2hours)

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged four times faster than lead-acid batteries at the same charging current. This is because lithium batteries accept charging better. They have low internal resistance and charge at higher currents. Because they have low internal resistance and charge at higher currents, they are able to accept all the energy during a charge cycle, effectively charging much faster than lead-acid batteries.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Fish Finder Battery

As we all know, Proper maintenance of the battery, and compliance with the principles of battery use, which can greatly extend the life of the battery.

Improper use of the battery will also shorten the life of the battery.

Anyway, here are a few tips to keep in mind to enable your fish finder battery last longer.

Charging Tips

  • Regularly Charging. Under normal circumstances, when the battery is too low, there will be a reminder when the fish finder battery has no electricity. At this time, you need to replenish the battery in time. Although the battery is too low, it will not lead to a direct safety accident, but excessive use will lead to over time. Damage to the battery structure.

(For more details about the lithium battery charging, please check our artricle 《Lithium Battery Charging: The Definitive Guide》)

  • Do not overcharge. The inside of the lithium battery cell is also composed of many components. The new battery is fine. If it is used for a long time, the function of which component may decline, so there will be an overcharge safety risk. Generally, Overcharging your fish finder battery cause damage to it in the long run.

  • Use a suitable charger. Do not charge batteries with inappropriate chargers.

Using Tips

Avoid Completely Draining the fish finder Battery

Once the battery indicator on your fish finder shows that the battery is getting low, proceed straightaway to charge it.

Allowing the battery to completely drain out has an adverse effect on the lifespan of the battery. It could hamper performance.

When the fish finder battery is used up, please recharge the battery in time.

Maintenance Tips

The purpose of daily maintenance is to place the lithium battery in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the battery.

Here is two maintenance tips that we need comply with.

1. Protect against moisture.

2. And avoid direct sunlight.

More FAQs

How Long Does A Fish Finder Battery Last?

The lifespan of your new fish finder battery will depend on how you use it and over what course of time.

Also the battery type are important that we talked before.

In general, you should be able to get years of life from your new fish finder battery.

However, all batteries have a lifespan. We expect our ELB lithium ion battery to last approximately 2000-7000 cycles until they should be replaced.

Who Produce Fish Finder Battery?

Please contact with ELB directly to get the quotation and customized solutions for your fish finder batteries. Or you can visit ELB product catalogue directly.

How Often Do I Need To Charge My Batteries If I’m Not Using My Fish Finder?

As mentioned in the last question, fish finder batteries self-drain themselves whether they are in use or not.

For optimum battery life, we recommend topping off your new fish finder batteries and using your fish finder at least once every 90 days.

So that’s all things related with fish finder batteries.

Or are there still anything that you want to know or not mentioned?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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