12V Batteries: Definitive Guide

12V batteries

There are many types of 12V batteries on the market. Including lead-acid batteries, ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium titanate batteries, and so on. According to different types of batteries, there are obvious differences in their packing method, capacity density, life curve, charge and discharge rate and cost. Application field of 12V Batteries […]

What Are The Best Lithium Boat Batteries?

Lithium Boat Batteries

Boat batteries (Marine batteries) are specifically designed for use on boats,. Which are generally of solid construction designed to withstand the vibrations and impacts that can occur on any motorized boat. Moreover, the power is different between different boats. And the electronic equipment used on the boats are different, so batteries with different capacities are […]

How to choice best 36v battery for golf cart?

51.2V 60Ah Lithium Bttery for Golf Carts

Types of 36V battery for golf cart Lithium batteries Ordinary lithium batteries are divided into NCM lithium batteries and LiFePO4 lithium batteries, while the lithium 36V battery for golf cart generally are LiFePO4 lithium batteries. A lithium iron phosphate battery (often abbreviated by its chemical composition LiFePO4 battery; or further abbreviated as an LFP battery, […]

Lead Acid Vs Lithium Ion Battery: The Definitive Guide


When choosing a battery for your device, lead acid vs lithium ion battery, which battery has better cycle life? Which battery is cheaper? As we all know, Lead acid is a proven technology that costs less, but requires regular maintenance and has a short lifespan. Lithium is a premium battery technology with longer life and […]

How To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery

Charge A Deep Cycle Battery

Many applications require deep cycle batteries, electric vehicles need starting batteries, home energy storage needs energy storage batteries, robots need batteries for power, and so on. It is very important to use it correctly while taking the necessary maintenance. Wondering how to charge a deep cycle battery the right way? You have come to the […]

4680 Battery Vs 4695 Battery

Tesla 4680 Battery

We often see 4680 Vs 4695 battery in electric vehicle applications. What is the difference between the two? This article will take you to understand. What is 4680 battery? The 4680 battery is a cylindrical lithium ion battery with a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm. It was first designed by […]

LiFePO4 Battery Vs Lithium Ion Batteries

With more and more choices of lithium batteries, many friends want to know the difference and advantages between LiFePO4 battery vs Lithium Ion batteries. This article will let you know more info accordingly. What is LiFePO4 Battery? LiFePO4 batteries also means LFP battery, which is a highly stable but slightly less energy dense battery composition. The […]

What Does Ah Mean On A Battery?

What Does Ah Mean On A Battery

What is an Amp hour? Ampere hour (Ah) is a unit of measurement that is independent of power and is quite different from Ampere. Amps are to describe ampere hours, but they are different units of measurement. Amp hours describe the charging capacity of a battery. For example, a 12V Lithium battery rated at 80AH […]

What is OEM Battery? Difference between batteries ODM and OEM.

Lithium Battery production ODM OEM

What is OEM battery? OEM also calls “original equipment manufacturer”. OEM battery means the manufacturer produce the battery according to the designer requirement. It refers to the manufacturer’s battery production according to the needs and authorization of the original factory and according to specific conditions. All design drawings, etc. are completely manufactured and processed in […]