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3V Battery: All Things You Want Know

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3V battery
3V Battery

What Is 3V Battery?

Just as name pointed, the 3v battery is a power battery that supplying 3 volts voltage to various electronic devices. These 3v batteries are usually small due to their relatively small voltage. And they are also used to power equally small electronic devices such as remote controls, calculators, watches, toys, small medical devices, etc.

Types Of 3V Batteries

There are two main types of 3V batteries, CR2 cylindrical battery and CR2 coin battery in the market.

Just as NCM battery and LFP battery, the 3V batteries always made by lithium technology.

CR2 3v cylindrical batteries are generally bulkier than coin cells. The capacity is also higher and can be used with larger equipment such as slightly larger toys, small power tools and small industrial equipment.

CR Coin cells are lightweight and small, making them ideal for low-power miniature electronics such as watches, remote controls, toys, and other small devices.

3V battery
3V Battery

Application Field Of 3V Lithium Battery

Depending on the battery size and model, the application scenarios are different.

CR123A: This is an ordinary 3v cylindrical battery, with a diameter of 17 mm and a height of 33.4 mm. This battery is typically used for LED flashlights, small power tools, etc.

CR2032: This is an ordinary 3v coin cell battery, with a diameter of 20mm, a height of 3.2mm. This battery is commonly used in small devices such as watches, toys, calculators, digital compasses and other small devices.

CR2025 Same as CR2032, This coin 3V battery have similar application. Only the height have 2.5mm difference.

How Does 3V Battery Work?

Same as other lithium batteries,there are anode (negative electrode) and cathode (positive electrode) in the 3V battery.

3V coin battery structure
3V Coin Battery Structure

The anode of a discharging battery is negative and the cathode positive.

A separator creates a barrier between the cathode and anode, preventing the electrodes from touching while allowing electrical charge to flow freely between them.

The cathode is metal oxide, and the anode consists of porous carbon. During discharge, the ions flow from the anode to the cathode through the electrolyte and separator. Charge reverses the direction and the ions flow from the cathode to the anode.

Below picture illustrates the process.

Working Principle Of Lithium Cells
Working Principle Of Lithium Cells

How Long Do 3V Lithium Batteries Last?

The Battery lifespan depend on a variety of factors. Including material quality, storage conditions, storage time, humidity, physical damage, or temperature. Generally speaking, most 3V lithium batteries can be used for 3-5 years, and if used infrequently and properly maintained, they can generally be used for 10 years.

Do Batteries Expire If Not Used?

Yes, all good things must come to an end. you can ask the manufacturer if there are Best If Used By (BIUB) date of the batteries. Also they should be marked in the battery or the package.

What Is The Advantages Of 3V Batteries?

  • High voltage (3V)

  • A full line up for use in a wide variety of applications

  • No mercury added

  • High leak protection

  • Very low self-discharge;

  • Usefull in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +60°C)

  • Long shelf life ( up to 10 years)

How To Extend The Lifespan Of The 3V Battery?

The temperature is suitable, anti-cold and hot. When idle, the lithium battery usually does not have a safety accident. The purpose of daily maintenance is to place the lithium battery in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the battery. The water side protects against moisture and the hot side protects against sun exposure. Therefore, the suitable environment for daily maintenance of lithium batteries should be four words: ventilation and coolness. These four words should be followed regardless of whether the lithium battery is idle independently or in an electrical appliance.

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