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18650 vs 14500 Battery: Complete Comparison Guide

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18650 vs 14500 battery
18650 vs 14500 battery

On the portable electric device market, the 18650 vs 14500 battery are most common and also well known for their respective uses.

A wrong battery could cause irreversible damage to the device. So choosing the right battery for your device is very important for the proper maintenance and long-lasting cycle of your device. afterwards, there are many types of batteries and compatible devices on the market.

This article will comprehensively compare 14500 batteries and 18650 batteries. as well as what is the difference between both? And their respective advantages and application areas,etc.

What is 18650 battery?

18650 battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. And the dimension is 18mm and the height is 65mm, a standardized industry size. Meanwhile, the capacity are between 1200mAh and 3600mAh usually.

The 18650 battery can realize full charge and full discharge specifically. However, this process cause no influemnce to their performance.

18650 rechargeable battery
18650 Rechargeable Battery

What is 14500 battery?

14500 battery is a rechargeable lithium battery. As can be seen, the size of 14500 lithium cell is identical in shape and size to a standard AA battery.

However, one thing we need emphasised, All standard alkaline AA batteries are 1.5 volts. but the 14500 battery are 3.7 volts. That’s a major difference right there!

14500 battery
14500 Battery

Comparison between 18650 vs 14500 battery

Below we compare the difference between the two from various dimensions, not only the electrochemical properties, but also the application fields, etc.


In the market, nearly all the 18650 battery and 14500 battery are made by NiCoMn Ternary materials, but some of 18650 battery are made by LiFePO4 material.


Since both of them are made by NiCoMn Ternary materials, so they have same voltage. The 18650 rechargeable batteries can take up to 4.2V maximum ,So do 14500 battery. And their charge current can be 1C (What Is Battery C Rating) .


Typical 18650 lithium ion battery has a bigger capacity, it ‘s capacity can be 1200mah to 3500mah, while 14500 battery is generally 500 to 800 mah capacity.


As can be seen, the dimension of 18650 lithium battery is bigger than the 14500 lithium battery. A typical 18650 lithium battery size is about 18mm by 65mm in size, but typical 14500 lithium battery size is about 16mm by 50mm in size

18650 vs 14500 battery Dimension
18650 vs 14500 Battery Dimension

Discharge rate

Generally speaking, the high rate 18650 battery can reach a maximum discharge rate of 10C, but all 14500 batteries can only support a 05-1C discharge rate on the market.

Battery life

The 18650 batteries are mature battery that allow more battery and battery life in their cell. They are technically better than the 14500 in terms of delivered power and more reliable. The typical lifespan of 18650 batteries can reach 800-1000times, but the 14500 battery are reach 500-800times.

What to check before buying a 14500 vs 18650 battery?

When choosing between a 14500 Li-Ion battery and an 18650 Li-Ion battery, there are many things to look out for.


Different electronic products usually have different battery compartment sizes. After a detailed comparison of the dimensions of the 18650 battery and the 14500 battery, you can determine which of the two batteries is suitable for the portable electronic device you require them to be suitable for their unique use. Larger batteries cannot fit into the smaller battery compartment.

Output power

All devices have power ratings. Low power results in failures and low performance. If the power exceeds the limit, the product may be damaged and the battery will overheat causing damage and fire risk. Generally speaking, the power of 14500 is much smaller than that of 18650, so it is necessary to choose a suitable battery according to the power of the device.

Recharging current

The current required to charge both batteries is almost the same (0.2C-0.5C). It is important to charge these batteries with the specified charging current to avoid any permanent damage to these batteries.

Charging time

Both batteries also have shorter charging times compared to other types of batteries. For fast charging, they take an average of 1-2 hours to fully charge.

How do 18650 batteries and 14500 batteries work?

Structure of lithium cells

Just as below picture, the structure of cells are main made up of Cathode, Anode, And electrolyte and separator.

Structure Of Lithium Cells
Structure Of Lithium Cells

Working principle of lithium cells

Lithium-ion uses a anode (negative electrode) , an cathode (positive electrode)and electrolyte as conductor.

The anode of a discharging battery is negative and the cathode positive.

A separator creates a barrier between the cathode and anode, preventing the electrodes from touching while allowing electrical charge to flow freely between them.

The cathode is metal oxide, and the anode consists of porous carbon. During discharge, the ions flow from the anode to the cathode through the electrolyte and separator. Charge reverses the direction and the ions flow from the cathode to the anode.

Below picture illustrates the process.

Working Principle Of Lithium Cells
Working Principle Of Lithium Cells

Application field of 18650 batteries

The 18650 lithium-ion batteries are widely recommended for portable electronics devices and electric vehicles, such as power tools, and flashlights, electric motorcycle,EVs.

Application field of 14500 batteries

The 14500 lithium-ion batteries are widely recommended for portable electronics devices such as cordless power devices, power tools, and flashlights.

Which is better? 18650 battery? Or 14500 battery?

The 14500 lithium battery is a rechargeable battery with its own distinct characteristics. However, As compared to the 18650 batteries, the normal 14500 lithium-ion battery does not really excel when it concerns the energy density output. The power output of the 14500 battery is lower than that of the 18650. As earlier stated, it is all dependent on the user and what is the actual application of the user.

For example,

If it is a specific battery space, such as some flashlight designs, the size of the battery space is immutable. Obviously, we can notuse 18650 , but only 14500 batteries.

For scooters or small power vehicles, which requires higher power and battery discharge rate. Obviously, we can not use 16650 battery, but 18650 battery can power the electronics for a longer time and effectively.

Based on these two examples, we can say that neither of the two types is better than the other, and both are probably the best choice for a given situation. The most important thing is to define the requirements correctly so that we can make a right choice.

Can I charge 14500 battery with AA charger?

Even a 14500 Li-Ion battery is the same size as an AA battery, but with different voltages, power, and specifications. Disposable alkaline AA batteries all have an output voltage of 1.5 volts. The 14500 Li-Ion battery, on the other hand, has an output of 3.7 volts, more than double the voltage of an aa battery. So the AA battery charger will not charge properly. To maintain the charger and battery, use only the Li-Ion battery charger with the 14500 battery.

Where I can sourcing 18650 vs 14500 battery?

ELB succeed to develop 18650 battery vs 14500 battery both, we already get the CE, MSDS, UN38.3, UL, etc certification for our lithium batteries. You can visit ELB product center to find the 18650 battery and 14500 battery. Also you can visit ELB certification center to get the product certification.

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In conclusion

The 14500 Li-ion battery and the 18650 Li-ion battery are two distinct but similar lithium-ion batteries, each with their own unique uses. But their main difference is in size power output, size and capacity.

Both are currently widely used in various electronic products. When choosing a battery, the most important thing is to ensure which battery are suitalbe for the device.

Also, for durability and longest life cycle, you must obtain batteries from a reliable source.

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